I now have so many parts of blog entries that I could actually fill a book. These days, books about toddlers being jerks are a dime a dozen. It’s the books about sweet baby angel face kids that are getting rarer, and I can’t lie to you all like that. Speaking of sweet baby angel faces, oh how my heart is filled with crazy insane I will cut you- love for this kid!!! Motherhood turns you into a sociopath. One minute I’m bitching about him while in the same minute I want to lick his cheeks. Like actually lick them. I kiss him so many times each day that I make myself want to roll my eyes and dry heave at myself. God I am pathetic.
Wyatt is in a pretty fun stage. He says a lot of words, but doesn’t quite string them together yet. He has a great sense of humor and is such a character! He loves making me laugh and now knows how to do it when he’s supposed to be going to sleep by slamming his head against my arm trying to make a farting sound when his ear hits my arm just right. He also loves to sing. Our two current favorites are of course, Sarah Mclachlan’s “Ice Cream”. I listened and sang to this over and over during my road rage period of pregnancy, it is easy to remember the words to and it has the words ice cream and chocolate in it. Right when Wyatt was born and plopped on my chest I sang it and he calmed right down. Still to this day, it will stop him from fussing and he will calm and listen to the song. It has saved my sanity too many times to count these past two years. Now he sings the song with me as I rock him before bedtime. I love his cute soft voice. Our second favorite song is currently “Hello” by Adele. We sing it at lunch time. This song must be sung with all of the feelings in your heart, and some fist-to-chest, Mariah Carey like hand motions always make it better. Wyatt squints his little face up and sings the chorus with all his little emotions. Of course if i play the song in front of anyone else, he lowers his head and is suddenly super shy, so his love ballads are a lunch time secret for now.

Wyatt loves books. Reading now is kind of like a fun guessing game. Except instead of fun it is a mixture of fear and dread and every wrong guess brings you that much closer to a meltdown because you don’t point out the cranes “block and arm and rope” like daddy does. So in turn, I end up way overdescribing every little thing hoping that one of my words is the correct one. I hardly just read the words anymore, it’s more of an explanation of the pictures along with some fun animated voices. Each book has its own purpose. “The Little Engine That Could” is really just a hunt for Humpty Dumpty who is on some pages but not all. Wyatt looks and says “no Humpty”, then flips the page to look again. “Goodnight Goodnight Construcion Site” is a book where I try to remember the names of equipment while arguing with a toddler the differences between a dump truck and a cement mixer. “Hop on Pop” is my hell and why I sneak heaping spoonfuls of Nutella when Wyatt isn’t looking. 

Today it wasn’t raining and the sun was miraculously shining. After a VERY rainy past couple of months this gave me such joy! I got Wyatt all excited about going on a bike ride. He was so pumped, babbling on about going outside, even keeping his shoes on while I got ready.  The bike ride lasted ten minutes, in which he rode his bike for two, sat down on the sidewalk refusing to go any further 5 times, and went through a whole pocket pack of Kleenex. He whined for water, which I of course failed to bring along. When we made it home he guzzled his water like he had just run a 10k in the desert, rather than being carried for most of the walk. Usually he does pretty well on his bike rides. He rarely actually rides anymore, but straddles the bike, grabs the handle bars and full out runs with the bike between his little legs. I wince, anticipating him hitting his little balls on the bike bar, but so far he hasn’t seemed to be injured. Wyatt then screams “HI!” and waves at any and all passers by. If they wave or say anything in return he glares at them then hangs his head like how dare they speak to him!? Strangers! He loves being outside, I can’t wait for spring and summer and more chances to get outside with him, even if it’s just for some different scenery and surroundings to wait out a meltdown!



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