The child formerly known as Dick

Ah nicknames. Maybe you were lucky and had a cool nickname like “Sir Dunks-a-lot” or “Mr Big”. Maybe your nickname wasn’t so cool. Maybe it was “Shit-for-brains” or “Ducky”. Mine were Brookie Cookie, Cookie, and Booboo-lulu-beach, or Beach for short. The last one begs for a good explanation. Sadly, the story of the nickname doesn’t really explain anything, so I will spare you. Really I made out pretty well with my nicknames. My Aunt, whom I love dearly but have to tease, has a dozen nicknames for everything. Names that come out of nowhere and make no sense whatsoever. Her kids probably didn’t know their real names until they were 18.
For the sake of ease, and because bloggers seem to all have nicknames for their blog subjects, I will here on out refer to my son as Little B.
This is primarily due to the fact that all of his nicknames start with B. His first name doesn’t have any good nicknames from it. I started out innocently enough. I called him Love, but the strong urge to add an “er” to everything baby related and I heard myself calling my baby Lover a lot. It got awkward kind of fast. So then there came Bud, Bubs. But of course add the “er” which led to Bubbers, and then Buddy and Butters. At the time he was in his super-round-marshmallow chubby phase (his thighs and feet are still in that phase) and Butters really made sense and was also an easy stretch to Butterball. He is sunny, and shiny and delicious like butter. I kind of want to lick him. He is occasionally a wee bit yellow from inhaling carrots, sweet potatoes and squash like it’s going out of style. “Little B” also works for when he’s being less than sunny and shiny. It could stand for Little Butthole, for example.
I’m hoping I’m inspired to find a different, yet as fitting a name as Butters, nears his teen years.
Or maybe it will just toughen him up, give him humor and character. Kinda like the boy named Sue.


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