Blog this! or, I’m On A Blog Bitch! or, Welcome Lovely Blog Readers!

Other names I considered for my blog:

Reasons my son will need therapy

The Butt-naked truth about parenting

Nursing a ninja

Babies, balls and boobs

Oddly most of them were taken.  This blog is about the struggles and random parenting thoughts I have being a rookie mom.  I have a son, Wyatt, who is now 5 months old.  He is nice and fat with a head full of peach fuzz.  He looks similar to an old Winston Churchill.  He is sitting in his bouncy playcenter thingy (what the hell are those things called?!?!) pooping in his pants as I write this.  Just sitting there, staring me straight in the face while grunting, grimacing, and taking a big steaming shit. Motherhood is so rewarding.  I used to be a sane, well balanced person.  I used to sleep.  I used to drink my coffee while it was still hot.  I used to remember why I walked into a room.  I used to have clothes without spit-up and milk stains.

I started this blog because I don’t have my crap together enough to write stuff down in a baby book.  Also so my son can look back at all the random and sometimes horrifying thoughts his mother had during his childhood.  On a serious note (every great once in awhile I will be serious, just for a second though), I am so thankful that I am able to raise Wyatt in a time when parents finally are able to be truthful about how hard parenting is.  Yes it’s rewarding and glorious and babies are amazing blah blah blah, but we all know that.  In a world where we try so hard to do it all, and then to showcase how well we do it all on social media, the flip side is important to talk about as well.  It is important to really talk about ALL the parts of raising a child; especially the hard and trying parts.  Motherhood can feel quite lonely and isolating, so here is my small part in sharing the fun parts of motherhood, along with the dark and smelly dirty parts.

Disclaimer: This blog will be full of sarcasm and things that some people might think a horrible thing for a mother to say.  I love my kid more than life itself.  If you are easily offended, or have no sense of humor this blog is not for you, move along. People that know me and have a sense of humor will get this.


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